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Tours Point Dominican Republic


Macao is a small town nestled on the coast in the La Altagracia province with a small population of humble Dominican natives. It boasts multiple horse farms, competition facilities and Macao Beach; the country’s most stunning white-sand beach. A short 20 minutes from downtown Punta Cana, this remote beach is known for crashing, turquoise waves. These magical waves often draw the island’s top surf community to the area. Clusters of towering palm trees, staggered down the beach, provide the perfect amount of shade from the tropical sun and attribute to a picture perfect vacation setting. Local inhabitants often retrieve fresh coconuts from the very tops of the palm trees and offer them to the guests of​ ​the beach. Although popular amongst locals, the beach itself often remains fairly bare even during peak seasons, which gives the sensation of a private beach experience. With few vendors and businesses, you can relax on the long white sand beach. Local fishermen offer up their daily catchings if tasting local seafood is on your to-do list here in the Dominican. This location is a true gem of the Dominican Republic and shouldn’t be missed.

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Dominican Republic
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