Private Punta Cana
Catamaran Cruise

Private Punta Cana Catamaran Cruise:

Exclusive Sail & Snorkel Adventure

Embark on a vibrant, exclusive party cruise along the mesmerizing Bavaro coastline with our Private Catamaran Cruise in Punta Cana. This is your chance to experience the Caribbean’s festive spirit in a private setting, perfect for groups and families who want to blend adventure with celebration.


As you glide over the crystal-clear waters, feel the rhythm of Caribbean life with upbeat tropical music setting the scene. Dive into an amazing underwater world, snorkeling among the kaleidoscopic coral reefs teeming with marine life. Back on board, let the party continue under the warm sun with an array of drinks from our private open bar, featuring a selection of beer, rum, and soft drinks, perfectly complementing the vibrant Caribbean atmosphere.


The highlight of your private adventure is the famous “natural swimming pool,” a serene, shallow area where the turquoise waters create an idyllic setting for your own floating party. Here, in this secluded paradise, you can sip drinks in the water, dance on the deck, and create unforgettable moments surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean.

Tour Highlights:

Exclusive Party Sail: Commandeer the ocean with your private group, enjoying the freedom and fun of your own floating celebration.

Private Snorkel and Swim: Explore the underwater wonders in a secluded setting, followed by a unique party experience in Punta Cana’s famous natural pool.

Personalized Open Bar: Relish a variety of drinks including beer, rum, and soft drinks, served just for you and your guests, enhancing the festive mood.


Tour Details:

Duration: A thrilling 3-hour private party cruise tailored for your group.

Availability: Choose from two convenient sailing times, from Monday to Saturday.

Pick-Up: Begin your exclusive adventure with hotel pick-up or a designated meeting point.


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