Our Values

Customer First

We don't just satisfy we delight our customers.


We champion professional growth,
fostering a culture of continuous   learning.

Unwavering Integrity

Our word is our bond
and we deliver on every promise.


Together, we are stronger. We rely on the collective strength of our team to achieve greatness.

Our Mission

We are committed to revolutionizing the excursion experience for every tourist in the area. By launching top-tier, rigorously tested, and quality-assured products, we aim to be the first choice for those seeking exceptional excursions and activities beyond their hotel stays.

Our Vision

In today’s information-rich world, tourists are more informed than ever before. We don’t just aim to meet their expectations; we strive to exceed them. As pioneers in safety, customer service, innovation, and environmental stewardship, our goal is clear: to be the most respected and sought-after excursion provider in the industry, earning the admiration of every individual and organization we interact with.

Welcome to Tours Point, your gateway to unforgettable adventures in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Since our establishment in 2009, Tours Point has been dedicated to offering a diverse range of excursions and leisure activities in Punta Cana. Our Motto, “Whatever you want,” has driven us to cater to the adventurous spirit in everyone. From the thrill of motorized adventures like Buggies, ATVs, and Polaris rides to the serenity of horseback riding and safaris, we ensure there’s something for everyone.

Our commitment to excellence and service is reflected in our track record:

Employees: Over 150 dedicated professionals ensuring top-notch experiences.

Years in the Industry: Over 15, showcasing our longevity and expertise.

Clients Served: Over 1.5 million satisfied adventurers, a testament to our quality and reliability.

Join us and discover why so many choose Tours Point for their Punta Cana adventures. We focus on excellence in service, from the moment of booking to hotel pick-up, and throughout the assistance received during our excursions.